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1839J. Mason
1840Mr B. Bretherton
1841Mr A. Powell
1842T. Olliver
1843T. Olliver
1844Mr J. Crickmere
1845Mr W. Loft
1846W. Taylor
1847D. Wynne
1848Capt J. Little
1849T. Cunningham
1850C. Green
1851T. Abbott
1852Mr A. Goodman
1853T. Olliver
1854J. Tasker
1855J. Hanlon
1856G. Stevens
1857C. Boyce
1858W. Archer
1859C. Green
1860Mr T. Pickernell
1861J. Kendall
1862H. Lamplugh
1863G. Stevens
1864G. Stevens
1865Capt H. Coventry
1866Mr A. Goodman
1867J. Page
1868Mr G. Ede
1869G. Stevens
1870G. Stevens
1871Mr T. Pickernell
1872J. Page
1873Mr J. Richardson
1874Mr J. Richardson
1875Mr T. Pickernell
1876J. Cannon
1877Mr F. Hobson
1878J. Jones
1879Mr G. Moore
1880Mr T. Beasley
1881Mr T. Beasley
1882Lord Manners
1883Count K. Kinsky
1884Mr T. Wilson
1885Mr T. Wilson
1886T. Skelton
1887B. Daniels
1888G. Mawson
1889Mr T. Beasley
1890A. Nightingall
1891Mr H. Beasley
1892Capt R. Owen
1893B. Dollery
1894A, Nightingall
1895Mr J. Widger
1896Mr D. Campbell
1897T. Kavanagh
1898J. Gourley
1899G. Williamson
1900A. Anthony
1901A. Nightingall
1902D. Read
1904A. Birch
1905F. Mason
1906Mr A. Hastings
1907A. Newey
1908H. Bletsoe
1909G. Parfrement
1910R. Chadwick
1911Mr J. Anthony
1912E. Piggott
1913P. Woodland
1914B. Smith
1915Mr J. Anthony
1919E. Piggott
1920Mr J. Anthony
1921F. Rees
1922L. Rees
1923Capt T. Bennett
1924B. Trudgill
1925Maj J. Wilson
1926W. Watkinson
1927T. Leader
1928Mr B. Dutton
1929R. Everett
1930T. Cullinan
1931B. Lyall
1932T. Hamey
1933D. Williams
1934G. Wilson
1935Mr F. Furlong
1936Mr F. Walwyn
1937E. Williams
1938D. Saunders
1939T. Hyde
1940M. Jones
1946Capt B. Petre
1947E. Dempsey
1948A. Thompson
1949L. McMorrow
1950J. Power
1951J. Bullock
1952A. Thompson
1953B. Marshall
1954B. Marshall
1955P. Taaffe
1956D. Dick
1957F. Winter
1958A. Freeman
1959M. Scudamore
1960G. Scott
1961B. Beasley
1962F. Winter
1963P. Buckley
1964W. Robinson
1965Mr T. Smith
1966T. Norman
1967J. Buckingham
1968B. Fletcher
1969E. Harty
1970P. Taaffe
1971J. Cook
1972G. Thorner
1973B. Fletcher
1974B. Fletcher
1975T. Carberry
1976J. Burke
1977T. Stack
1978B. Davies
1979M. Barnes
1980Mr C. Fenwick
1981B. Champion
1982Mr D. Saunders
1983B. de Haan
1984N. Doughty
1985H. Davies
1986R. Dunwoody
1987S. Knight
1988B. Powell
1989J. Frost
1990Mr M. Armytage
1991N. Hawke
1992C. Llewellyn
1994R. Dunwoody
1995J. Titley
1996M. Fitzgerald
1997T. Dobbin
1998C. Llewellyn
1999P. Carberry
2000R. Walsh
2001R. Guest
2002J. Culloty
2003B. Geraghty
2004G. Lee
2005R. Walsh
2006N. Madden
2007R. Power
2008T. Murphy
2009L. Tredwell
2010T. McCoy
2011J. Maguire

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