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Can you name the characters from Supernatural?

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Oldest Winchester brother
Second Winchest brother
Winchester Matriarch
Winchester Patriarch
Youngest Winchester Brother
The Winchester brother's grandfather
The Winchester brother's grandmother
A reoccurring female demon, who posses some of the Winchesters
A blonde who attended Stanford
Manager of the Roadhouse
A young girl who wants to be a hunter
A hunter who wanted to kill one of the Winchesters
A computer genius who lives at the Roadhouse
A demon wtih yellow eyes
A demon who professes to be on the Winchester's side
A demon who tortured the older Winchester Brother
A demon with white eye, who likes to possess children
A demon who exchanges gifts for souls
A human who deals in supernatural paraphenalia
A human who helps the Winchesters
The angel who pulled someone out of Hell
An angel who fell from grace
An angel who dislikes the Winchesters
An angel who's a dick
An archangel who wants Dean to be his vessel
An angel who fell from grace who rules hell
A ghost who kills unfaithful men
A ghost who haunts mirrors
A creature who was once a cannibalistic man
An entity who collects dead souls
Supernatural creatures which drink blood
A god with a twisted sense of humour
A group desperate to fight ghosts

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