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HintDragonFirst Appearance
A very common dragon, about the size of a dog. Easy to trainHow to Train Your Dragon
Very similar to above, all shades of brownHow to Train Your Dragon
A large, ugly hunting dragon with a lot of weaponryHow to Train Your Dragon
A huge, terrifying domestic dragon, only to belong to a chief or his sonHow to Train Your Dragon
The largest, best defended and well armoured dragon there is, this dragon lives in the sea, and can live for thousands of yearsHow to Train Your Dragon
This dragon is about 10 feet tall. It cannot fly or see, but it has a phenomenal sense of smell. It will eat anything it findsHow to be a Pirate
A large tentacled dragon. Has very bad sight, and is not able to fly or move fast. It has tentacles which it uses to strangle its prey. Some are also venomousHow to be a Pirate
This dragon lives in the ocean. It has a fin with a serrated edge. It can survive out of water for around 10 minutes, and can smell blood from a long distance. They are deadlyHow to Speak Dragonese
A tiny, non-aggresive nanodragon, gives a terrible, though not fatal electric shock when touched in the wrong placeHow to Speak Dragonese
Chameleon dragons, mostly eat other types of animalHow to Speak Dragonese
Deadly predators, with very sharp teeth. Eat smaller dragons.How to Speak Dragonese
Ziggerastica is one of these little creaturesHow to Speak Dragonese
A little yellow dragon, highly poisinous. If you get stung by one then you will die unless you eat the antidote - a potatoHow to Speak Dragonese
The size of lions, these dragons are often used by vikings to pull sleighs. They are very aggresive, and sometimes eat their mastersHow to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
A massive black sea dragon, breathing icy fire. They are huge and terrifyingHow to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
A lazy little Dragon, which hunts by waving its talons in the air. If anything touches them, the Dragons let out a piercing scream, which can kill small animalsHow to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
A fairly large riding dragon. Hiccup has oneHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Fishlegs' riding dragon. About the size of a Shetland pony How to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Wartihog has this riding dragonHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
HintDragonFirst Appearance
A smooth, evil-looking riding dragon, Snotlout rides one of theseHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Tuffnut Junior posesses this dragon with go-faster stripesHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
These riding dragons grow to a very large size. One belongs to Gobber the BelchHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
These dragons are wild and rogue. They are black and have two hearts. They are some of the most dangerous species there are, because their only instinct is to killHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
These dragons can hold a huge amount of water in their stomachs, which they can spit out when and where they like. Used by The Fire BrigadeHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
This is a huge dragon, which appears to be made of living flame. They are extremely rare. One of these eggs was known as The Fire StoneHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale
A very poisonous dragon that only comes out at night. They are so deadly that they have no predators, and therefore are a luminous yellow colour A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
The bite of this dragon will kill you in a quarter of a second. The only way to defeat one is by whistling.A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
A dragon that can change colour completely depending on its surroundings, to the extent that it becomes invisibleA Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
A small wild dragon, that hunts for small animals like mice. Easy prey for larger dragonsA Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
This extraordinary creature has a drill on its forehead, which it uses as a deadly weaponA Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
A chameleon species, changes colour depending on its mood. They are highly intelligentA Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
These dragons are great at sniffing, and are used like bloodhounds by some Vikings. They are very friendly.A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
Living in icy areas, this dragon has a horn, which it uses to hunt its preyHow to Ride a Dragon's Storm
This ancient sea devil can live for thousands of years. They are very deadly, and are one of the darkest and most dangerous predators in the oceanHow to Ride a Dragon's Storm
A little creature the size of a butterfly. They feed off the adrenaline given off by fearHow to Break a Dragon's Heart
This dragon twists the limbs off its prey before eating itHow to Steal a Dragon's Sword
This dragon has three heads, and is potentially very deadly. Amazingly, it can be trained. This dragon has to be the coolest riding dragon everHow to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

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