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Can you name the obsolete scientific theories from their Wikipedia definitions and approximate dates?

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One of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy.~495 BC
An incorrect physical law for the electrical current in a wire.1825-1827
Nuclear reaction occurring near room temperature.1989
Mixture of praseodymium and neodymium, wrongly believed to be a single element.~1841-1874
One of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy.~495 BC
One of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy.~495 BC
Description of the cosmos where Earth is at the orbital centre of all celestial bodies.To ~1543
Hypothesis that Earth contains a substantial interior empty space.~1692
Misconception that California is separated from the North American continent by a strait.~1510-1774
Medium for the propagation of light.~1704-1887
Apparent network of long straight lines on the Red Planet, wrongly believed to be artificial channels.~1858-1909
Geological theory that rocks formed from crystallisation of minerals in the early Earth's oceans.~1787-1830
Ice-free ocean surrounding the North Pole.To ~1881
Fire-like element contained within combustible bodies and released during combustion.~1667-1783
Attempt to describe classically the spectral radiance of black body radiation.~1900-1911
Cosmological model in which the density of the expanding universe remains unchanged due to continuous creation of matter.~1948-1965
Alternative explanation for the redshift-distance relationship~1929-1962
Hypothetical planet between Mercury and the Sun.~1843-1915
One of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy.~495 BC
Hypothetical original substance which subsequently gave rise to the subatomic particles and elements.~1948

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