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Can you name the characters in Jeff Smith's 'Bone'?

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1. The bravest and most responsible of the Bones. Obsessed with Melville's novel 'Moby Dick'
2. Greedy and selfish, his questionable business dealings caused the Bones to be chased out of Boneville.
3. The simple-minded, banjo-playing, cigar-chomping Bone cousin.
4. An elusive and mysterious creature who appears sporadically throughout the series.
5. A farm girl who befriends the Bone cousins
6. #5's cow-racing grandmother
7. Owner of the Barrelhaven Tavern
8. A tiny insect who assists the heroes throughout the series.
9. The gigantic leader of the Rat Creatures
10. An enormous cat-like beast and Guardian of the Eastern Border
11. An evil being that appears as a cloud of insects and seeks to control The Valley
12. Cloaked, scythe-wielding servant of #11
13. He becomes an ally/pet of the Bones, despite being a Rat Creature

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