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Can you guess whether the given title is a (N)ancy Drew book or a (m)etal album?

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TitleAnswerExtra Info
Paradise Lost
Uncivil Acts
Fair Warning
Buried in Time
Show No Mercy
The Last in Line
Somewhere in Time
Whispers in the Fog
Pure Poison
No Strings Attached
Countdown to Extinction
The Broken Anchor
Wicked Ways
Tooth and Nail
My Deadly Valentine
Bad Medicine
The Joker's Revenge
Temple of Shadows
TitleAnswerExtra Info
Moving Pictures
Bonfire Masquerade
Circle of Evil
Unquestionable Presence
Strong Arm of the Law
The Crimson Idol
Sinister Paradise
Bonded by Blood
The Sham Mirrors
Captive Witness
Writ in Stone
Too Fast For Love
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Natural Enemies
This Side of Evil
City of Evil
Illusions of Evil
Operation: Mindcrime
Still Life

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