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Can you name the Asian cities (populations over 2,000,000) nearest to the previous city (alphabetically)?

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Distance From Previous CityCityHint
 The largest Asian city (it's in India!) that starts with A is...?
 A major chemical disaster happened here.
 Used to be called Madras.
 Capital of the former East Pakistan.
 One of Asia's oldest cities and the most western city in this quiz.
 A large Pakistani city.
 _u_r_n_a_a is in South Asia.
 There are two cities with this name; I am referring to the Pakistani one.
 Inside=_ _ _ _ _ _
 Part of a triangle.
 Good fortune at this instant=_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 Do you really need a hint?
Distance From Previous CityCityHint
 Horse whinny=_ _ _ _ _ _
 Located in the Orient.
 Yin-yang, kind of.
 In China.
 In Pakistan.
 Another Indian city.
 In a Central Asian country.
 The furthest city from any ocean.
 V_d_d_r_ is an Indian city.
 Large Chinese city.
 Home to a large army.
 Exotic Southeast Asian city.
 _h_n_zh_ _ is also in East Asia.

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