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What is the smallest Mammalia subclass?
What poisonous found in #1? (common name)
What is the largest Mammalia subclass?
What is the only extant infraclass of this subclass?
This subclass is divided into 2 cohorts. What is the smaller one?
What makes the animals in #6 different from other mammals?
This cohort is made up of 2 magnaorders. What determines where a species is placed?
What is the only species in #6 found in North America?
The larger of the 2 magnaorders is made up of 5 orders. What is the largest?
What is the larger cohort of #5?
The smaller magnaorder of this cohort has only 3 animal types / groups. Name one.
What is the other magnaorder?
Alphabetically, what is the first superorder in the magnaorder?
What is the second superorder?
What is the third superorder?
What is the largest species in the first superorder?
Which order from this superorder lives underwater?
This order contains one species that became extinct because of humans. What species?
Rabbits belong to the superorder from #15. What order do they belong to?
Humans also belongs in this superorder. What superfamily are they in?
The Brown Rat is found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica and what other place?
All of the species from one order in #16 live underwater. What order?
What species from this order became extinct in the last decade?
Most farm mammals are in what order?
Seals and bears are in the same suborder because they resemble what common animal?
What facial feature does a fur seal have that a harbor seal doesn't?
What panthera species comes in a rare white form in the wild?
1/5th of all mammal species belong to what order?
What protein makes up porcupine quills and rhino horns?

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