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Barry Alvarez (UW Football Coach and A.D.) went to college at this B1G school.
What is Elroy Hirsch's famous nickname?
What did the 2006 Badger Mens and Womens Hockey Captains have in common, besides winning a Championship?
Who started the Lambeau Leap?
What two Badgers have won the Heisman?
What were the original colors of the Green Bay Packers?
In what year did Badger Mens Hockey win their 5th National Championship?
If a Brewer home run is hit what happens in Left Field of Miller Park?
Who was Bernie Brewer?
Which WI minor league baseball team had Prince Fielder before he went to Milwaukee?
What word preceded 'Packers' in the original team name?
What UW-Madison tradition started at Camp Randall in 1998?
The Milwaukee Admirals are a farm team for what NHL team?
Which WI football team has won the National Championship 3 years in a row?
What is tradition for all to participate in before Packer games?

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