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Black ans white soldiers wonder alike if this really means freedomYorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
They will tear each other into piecesI Know Him
No...BOO!!The Reynolds Pamphlet
When I was 17 a hurricane destroyed my town, I didn't drown.Hurricane
We're reliable with the ladies!A Winter's Ball
My name is Philip, I am a poetTake a Break
Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?Aaron Burr, Sir
You're on your ownWhat Comes Next?
Well, I arranged the meetingThe Room where it Happens
Grandpa just lost his seat in the senate.Schuyler Defeated
Jefferson's the runner-up which makes him the vice presidentThe Adams Administration
I hadn't slept in a week, I was weakSay No to This
In clearing your nameBurn
I take the children to church on Sunday, a sign of the cross at the door, and I prayIt's Quiet Uptown
And a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the CaribbeanAlexander Hamilton
I have never seen the general so despondentStay Alive
British admiral Howe's got troops on the waterRight-Hand Man
You say our love is draining and you can't go onYou'll be back
I'm a get a scholarship to Kings CollegeMy Shot
Death doesn't discriminate!Wait for It
Yeah, I don't fool around, I'm not your little schoolboy friends.Blow us all Away
Look em' in the eye, aim no higherTen Duel Commandments
I was younger than you are now, when I was given my first commandHistory Has It's Eyes on You

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