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Which American Football team does Peter Griffin Join first?
What is Lois Griffin's Maiden Name?
What is Brian's mother's name?
What is Joe Swanson's occupation?
What is the name of Ernie the Giant Chicken's wife?
According to Lois, who does everyone in England use as a toilet?
What is the title of Brian's BESTSELLING book?
And how many blank pages does it have?
In the Disney multiverse, what is it a wonderful day for?
Where did Joe Swanson's son Kevin die?
Which X-Men character does Lois dress up as to seduce Neil Goldman?
What is 'everything better with'?
What is the name of the cool black guy Peter, Joe & Quagmire try to replace Cleveland with?
Who is the manager of Quahog Mini Mart?
Who walks Jillian down the isle at her wedding?
In the episode 'Chick Cancer', what is Peter's movie called?
What is Quagmire's dad called BEFORE his sex change operation?
And what is Quagmire's dad called AFTER his/her sex change operation?
How does the Human Brian Griffin die?
Who is Peter Griffin's biological father?
What is the name of Peter's short-lived restaurant?
In the first season, who is Peter's guiding spirit and later becomes the basis for Peter's new religion?
Which famous actor does Peter NOT have to take a job as his chin?
What is the name of Peter & Brian's animated show that they pitch to Fox?
Who is Peter's long lost, black relative?
After the hurricane when the British buy The Drunken Clam, what do they rename it as?
When Stewie bets with Brian that he can become the most popular kid at Meg & Chris's school, what name does Stewie use?
Who is Lois' old college friend/boyfriend she meets at CostMart?
In the episode 'Road to the North Pole' when Stewie and Brian become santa and everyone agrees to one present, what is on the lunchbox Peter receives?
Who converts Brian to think Republican?
When Peter costs Quagmire his job as a pilot, what is the flight number of the plane Peter, Joe & Cleveland go on posing as flight attendants?
What is the name of the private school Chris goes to when he gets expelled from James Wood's high?
Where do Brian & Stewie go to to get Rupert back when Brian accidentally sells him at a yard sale?
When Peter realises Brian is getting old, what is the name of the dog Peter gets to eventually replace Brian?
When Peter has a stroke, what is the name of the fast food chain he & Brian infiltrate as 'Two Asian Businessmen'?
In Stewies music video for Joe's daughter, what does his sign say he will work for?
When Chris starts dating Connie, what movie does he suggest they go and see?
When Joe enters the special Olympics, what is his competitors number?

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