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Butters receives a 'robot' (who is actually Cartman) named...A
Stan's Grandpa always calls him by this nameB
Cartman's favorite snackC
What Cartman calls people with red hair and no frecklesD
The country where Starvin' Marvin is fromE
The boy band that Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman createF
A kid who has red hair and frecklesG
In the episode 'Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty ****,' it is said that Cartman's mom is actually a...H
Kyle's Canadian brotherI
The annoying creatures discovered by CartmanJ
The character who dies in many episodesK
Butters' real nameL
The prophet who cannot be shown on TV M
The man who uses a voice boxN
This is the name of the episode where South Park loses internet connectionO
Half of the Canadian comedy duoP
The amazing gymnasts from the circus are all...Q
Stan's geologist dadR
He has Patrick Duffy for a leg and makes wicker basketsS
The handicapped child who can only say his own nameT
The gnomes steal...U
The Principal's nameV
The most evil of all the evil creatures in ImaginationlandW
Name of the episode that concentrates on FacebookY
How many friends Kyle has (besides Kip) after accepting Kip Drordy's request on FacebookZ

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