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You are taking me apart like bad glue on a 'get well' card
Should have known right from the start you can't predict the end
Everything I promised everyone I'd be, well I just ain't
Fought resistance nearly my entire life
The camera caught you causing a commotion on the gurney again
I hope you didn't expect to get all of the attention
Whether near or far, I am always yours
Those thoughts of past lovers, they'll always haunt me
I can't prove this makes any sense, but I sure hope that it does
The cut of your love never hurts, baby, it's a sweet butter knife
If you're going, then go!
All the secrets that you keep might get spoken while you sleep
Stop stalling, make a name for yourself
That virgin, yes, the one the lawyer met with on 'strictly business'
Pray I could replace her, forget the way her tears taste
We're bored with looking good
Make room, we're taking over here
Just a beachfront of bad blood and a coast that's unclear
When I look in her eyes, I just see the sky
'Hey Mister!' the Bell Man says

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