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Can you name the things that happened on May 31?

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In 1279 BC, Ramesses II becomes pharaoh of Ancient [blank].
In 455, Emperor Petronius Maximus is [blank] to death by an angry mob while fleeing Rome.
In 1859, the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big [blank], starts keeping time.
In 1879, Gilmores Garden in New York City is renamed [blank] Garden by William Henry Vanderbilt and is opened to the public at 26th Street and Madison Avenue.
In 1889, over 2,200 people die after a dam fails and sends a 60-foot (18-meter) wall of water over the town of Johnstown, [blank].
In 1927, the last Ford [blank] rolls off the assembly line after a production run of 15,007,003 vehicles.
In 1929, the first talking [blank] Mouse cartoon, 'The Karnival Kid', is released.
In 1941, the United Kingdom completes the re-occupation of [blank] and returns 'Abd al-Ilah to power as regent for Faisal II.
In 1985, forty-one [blanks] hit Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario, leaving 76 dead.
In 2013, the [blank] 1998 QE2 and its moon make their closest approach to Earth for the next two centuries.
In 1683, Jean-Pierre Christin, a French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, was born. He invented the Celsius [blank].
In 1818, John Albion Andrew was born. He was the 25th [blank] of Massachusetts
In 1819, Walt Whitman was born. He was a(n) [blank] poet.
In 1852, Julius Richard Petri, a German microbiologist, was born. He invented the Petri [blank].
In 1986, American rapper Waka Flocka [blank] was born.
In 1408, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu died. He was a Japanese [blank].
In 1908, Louis-Honoré Fréchette died. He was an author from [blank].
In 2013, Tim Samaras died in a tornado. He worked on the Discovery Channel's show Storm [blanks].
May 31 is the feast day of Saint Petronilla. She was the daughter of the apostle [blank].
May 31 is World No [blank] Day internationally.

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