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In 1140, the French scholar Peter Abelard is found guilty of [blank].
In 1539, Hernando de Soto claims [blank] for Spain.
In 1861, Union forces rout [blank] troops in Barbour County, Virginia, now West Virginia.
In 1888, The poem '[blank] at the Bat', by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, is published in The San Francisco Examiner.
In 1940, during World War II, the Luftwaffe bombs [blank].
In 1940, Franz Rademacher proposes plans to make [blank] the 'Jewish homeland', an idea that had first been considered by 19th century journalist Theodor Herzl.
In 1962, at Paris Orly Airport, Air [blank] Flight 007 overruns the runway and explodes when the crew attempts to abort takeoff, killing 130.
In 1968, Valerie Solanas, the author of SCUM Manifesto, attempts to [blank] Andy Warhol by shooting him three times.
In 2013, the trial of United States Army private Chelsea Manning for leaking classified material to [blank] begins in Fort Meade, Maryland.
In 2013, at least 119 people are killed in a fire at a [blank] farm in Jilin Province in northeastern China.
In 1808, [blank] was born. He was the president of the Confederate States of America.
In 1840, Michael O'Laughlen was born. He was an American soldier and a conspirator in the assassination of [blank].
In 1931, Raúl Castro was born. He was the 18th president of [blank].
In 1951, Jill Biden was born. She was the 37th [blank] Lady of the United States.
In 1995, Dani Cameranesi was born. He is an American [blank] player.
In 628, Liang Shidu died. He was a rebel leader from [blank].
In 1938, John Flanagan died. He was an Irish-American [blank] competitor.
In 2011, Andrew Gold died. He was an American singer who created the song [blank.]
June 3 is Economist Day in Buenos Aires, [blank].
June 3 is Opium Suppression Movement Day in [blank].

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