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Can you name the answers to these questions about things/events that happened in 2011?

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This US representative was shot while making a speech in ArizonaJanuary 11
This NFL team defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super BowlFebruary 6
This Egyptian leader resigns from office after many weeks of protestFebruary 11
This movie won the Oscar for Best PictureFebruary 27
This country was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and then a tsunami, killing over 15,000 peopleMarch 11
Prince William became married to this womanApril 29
This Al Quaida Leader was killed...Thank GoodnessMay 1
This NBA team defeated the Miami Heat to in game 6 to win the NBA ChampionshipJune 12
This NHL team defeated the Vancouver Canucks in game 7 to win the Stanley CupJune 15
This US representative admits to explicit email scandalJune 16
This former First Lady passes awayJuly 8
The final launch for this NASA program occurredJuly 8
This African nation gains indpendenceJuly 9
This Country loses to Japan in the Women's World Cup Soccer ChampionshipJuly 17
This Singer dies at age 27 of alcohol poisoningJuly 23
A 5.8 magnitude earthquake happens in the US state: August 23
This hurricane hits the East Coast, depriving 4 million of powerAugust 27
This co-founder and chairman of Apple passed awayOctober 5
Muammar Gadhafi was killed by rebels of this countryOctober 20
This MLB team defeated the Texas Rangers in game 7 to win the World SeriesOctober 28
Some believe that her 72-day marriage to an NBA player was a hoax after she annouced a divorce November 1
A large scandal surrounds this American univeristyNovember 9
Kim Jong il, who passed away this year, was the leader of what country?December 17

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