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Can you answer these questions about the outstanding computer game, To The Moon?

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The patient
The patient's wife
The female scientist
The male scientist
The patient's caregiver
The female friend of the patient and his wife, who refers to the patient as a 'neurotypical'
The patient's best friend
The patient's brother
The patient's mother
The caregiver's son
The caregiver's daughter
The name of the lighthouse
The stuffed animal that the patient's wife treasures
The other memento that the patient's wife treasures, which the patient throws into the sea
The animal that the patient's wife makes into origami figures
The patient's wife's syndrome
The treatment for the patient's wife's syndrome demonstrated in the story
The two colors that make up the patient's wife's wedding dress
The doctor who diagnoses the patient's wife with her syndrome
The song that plays during the story, which includes lyrics
The creator of To The Moon
What the patient's wife believes stars really are
The patient's brother's favorite book series
David's main morph
The company that the scientists work for
What the patient's brother wants to be when he grows up
The patient's brother's favorite food
The drug class that the patient was given when he was young
The type of animal that appears as roadkill at the beginning of the story
The place the patient aspires to journey to

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