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1919 -1945EventsHistory
Hitler was allowed to annex these 2 countries a year before WWIIMarch & September 1938
What country did Mussolini attack first?May 1935
What European Peace group formed after World War 1?January 1919
Japan attacked the rest of which country that sparked the second Sino Japanese WarJuly 7, 1937
What crashed on wall street that caused the Great depression?(Also known as 'Black Tuesday')October 29, 1929
Japan Attacked this chinese region which resulted in their expelment from the League of NationSeptember 1931
Which politian took power of Italy in the 20's?October 31, 1922
What two nations signed a 5 year non-agression pact?August 23, 1939
Who was elected Germen ChancellorAugust 2, 1933
what treaty caused Germany to its downfall?January 1919
What was Russia's new order?April 1922

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