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The Super-Humans Registration Act splits Captain America and Iron man and the whole super-hero community against each other2006-07
A large group of Heroes and Villians are picked to battle on a battleworld1984-85
The Avengers are place through a series of events due to a crazied member2004
Spider-Man questions his true existents when Ben Reily comes into the picture1994-96
The Skrull Empire infiltrates Earth for years and attacks our heroes in a desprate attempt to expand their empire2008
Carnage escapes from prision and gathers a rag-tag group of Villians and wrecks havok all over New York1993
The Incredible Hulk returns to Earth to seek revenge of those who sent him into space2007
After killing thier Queen, Norman Osborn takes power and reshapes the country in his vision2009
The Dark Avengers and thier allies attack Asgard after a fixed attack in chicago2010

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