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FactPlayer/Baseball ThingRecord
Holds the best career batting average as a cincinnati redbatting average : .332
The only person to throw a no-hitter as a player and call one as an umpirecalled 4 no-no's and threw one in 1905 vs. the White Sox
Has the record for highest career defensive WAR (Wins above replacement)Defensive WAR: 27.3 games
The man who played the most games as a left-handed catcherCaught 1,021 games
This team scored the most runs in a single-season (Also holds record for funniest team name by a MLB Team) Scored 1,220 runs in 1894
He gave up Babe Ruth's first home run (also gave up the Babe's second HR)Gave up the dinger on may 15, 1915 (ironically as a member of the yankees)
This former pro invented baseball rubbing mudinvented this magical mud in 1938
He is said to have invented the knuckle ballsupposedly invented the knuckly nightmare for hitters in 1906
FactPlayer/Baseball ThingRecord
Has the record for most strikeouts in a single-seasonrecorded a stunning 513 k's while still somehow posting a 29-34 record in 1886
The only deaf baseball player to collect 2,000 hitsThis jolly old fellow collected 2,044 hits during his illustrious career
This player has the best career percentage of runners thrown outthis nutty professor gunned down 53% of runners
Name the first player to throw a no-hitter with only one arm (hint: its not Jim Abbot)this one-armed guy threw a no-no for the Cleveland Blues
This man has played for the most teams as a position player in the modern era this primarily DH and outfielder played for 12 different teams
Can you name the player with the 37th most hits in the 1946 season and how manyhad 136 hits
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