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Who won the only UFC Super-Heavyweight fight?
Two fighters have won a fight in the fifth round? Name the first.
And the second?
Who holds the quickest ever knockout?
Who has the most Submissions of the Night?
Who has the most Fights of the Night?
Who has the most knockouts inside the Octagon?
Which TUF fighter knocked out the opposing coach in 47 seconds prior to going on the show?
Who is the youngest man to fight in the UFC?
Who was the first TUF alumni to fight for a title?
Who was the first TUF alumni to win a title?
Who is the oldest fighter ever to compete in UFC?
Who has the most losses inside the UFC?
What about of current fighters?
Who has the longest win streak in UFC history?
Who has the quickest submission in UFC history?
Who was the last person to win a round against GSP?
Two fighters have won titles in two different divisions. Name the first
And the second
Which fighter has won the most UFC matches without getting a title shot?
Who has defended their title the most times (cumulative)?
Who has the quickest submission win in UFC history?
Which was the first UFC to go to the UK?
Which well known UFC personality (non-fighter) debuted at UFC 10?
Of the current fighters, which one made their debut at the earliest UFC?
Which TUF winner was the first to get released from the company?
Who got released after failing to release a RNC after the tap-out at UFC 74?
Which future Middleweight title challenger went 0-4 in his first UFC fights?
Who is the only UFC fighter to take Anderson Silva the distance?
At UFC 58, the theme was US v Canada. One fighter from the Bahamas was billed as American. Who?
Which UFC personality (non-fighter) debuted at UFC 2?
Who was GSP's first UFC opponent?
What about Anderson Silva?
Which TUF 5 fighter repeatedly ignored his coaches instructions before bursting into tears after losing a decision?
Who was the first person on TUF to miss weight?
Who was the first UFC Welterweight champion?
Who is the only fighter to take Matt Hughes to 5 rounds?
Which fighter recently moved up 2 weight classes between fights?
Who is the only fighter to take on Couture, Liddell and Ortiz?
Back in the tournament days three guys won back to back tourneys. Name the first
And the second
And the third
Who won the first ever UFC fight in Canada?
Who is the only non-fighter in the UFC Hall of Fame?
Which is the only UFC event in which three titles were defended?
Who was the first European to win a UFC belt?
Who was the first Brazilian to win a belt (not a tournament)?
Which former fighter got a title shot in spite of losing his two prior UFC matches?
Who famously threw an ax kick at UFC 3 against Steve Jennum?
What did Tom Lawlor have written on his head at the UFC 100 weigh-ins?
Which fighter got stripped of their belt after being involved in a motorcycle accident?
Who violently broke their leg at UFC Fight for the Troops?
Who was the heaviest man to step into the Octagon?
And who beat him?
Which training camp do Fitch, Koscheck and Swick fight out of?
Who is the only Australian to receive a UFC title shot?
Which current top-level fighter cannot feature in the UFC games owing to signing his likeness to EA Sports?
Who did Shonie Carter knock out with a spinning backfist in the final seconds of the bout?
At which UFC did Royce Gracie briefly return to the Octagon?
And who beat him?
Which PRIDE legend won a heavyweight tournament at UFC Japan in their only Octagon appearance?
Which coach did Matt Serra verbally destroy on TUF 4
Which UFC star is having an upcoming film made about his life?
Which Japanese fighter has amassed an 8-2 record in UFC in spite of regularly competing on the prelims?
Which fighter has the longest reach in UFC history?
Which current UFC fighter is one of two men to have defeated Urijah Faber?
Who was the first person to defeat Diego Sanchez in his career?
Who was the youngest ever UFC Champion?
Which UFC legend did Forrest Griffin face in his first pro fight?
Which Gracie was amongst the original owners of UFC

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