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What is the name of the pub from 'Shaun of the Dead?'
What was Phil Connors' profession in 'Groundhog Day?'
What real-life celebrity hosted the walk-off between Hansel and Derick in 'Zoolander?'
Santa Carla is a fictional city from what vampire movie?
What 2007 film starred Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin
The 'Triple Lindy' is a fictional diving board maneuver from what 1980 movie?
'Pulp Fiction' was released in what year?
James Francis Ryan is a a character from what 1998 film?
What actor voiced Lighting McQueen in 'Cars'
Name the common actor in these 3 movies: 'The Deer Hunter', 'Pulp Fiction', and 'Joe Dirt',
Amity Island is the setting for what critically acclaimed movie?
What cat food does Dr. Evil feed to Mr. Bigglesworth
For what movie did Tom Cruise wear a fat suit?
Morgan Spurlock is the star of what 2004 documentary?
What sports movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976

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