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'When distant places call to me. It's harder from the palace yard.'
'All I ever wanted and I am throwing it away.'
'Fill me now with chilling dread.'
'How did I slip and fall.'
'You can't escape your genes.'
'I can't believe he is changing.'
'How could you understand our emptiness.'
'And the few who are invited to my wardrobe are delighted.'
'I just want our time to be slower and gentler, wiser, free.'
'And each dog must have its day.'
'For as you are his daughter you probably can tell how I know you.'
'I know expectations are wild and almost beyond my fulfillment.'
'And for everything I forgot to say too.'
'A life time of not knowing where or how or why or when.'
'One more longing backward glance.'
'To see the secrets so few eyes have seen.'
'Whether sweeping through the ages.'
'And only ever seen as being cute.'
'There is a time, there is a place when love should conquer all.'
'I know you give me courage to face what I must face.'
'And no horizon we could not pursue.'
'The lovers death gave birth to a reign of peace.'

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