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formed from latin term for city, characterized by writing, advanced cities, specialized workers, and technology
The act of searching for food or provisions
civilization that originated in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopatamia
the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, art, beliefs, institutiions, and other products of human work and thought
belief in one god
belief in many gods
One of the worlds first civiliztions, located in Turkey
most influential of smaller Middle Eastern groups, the first clearly developed monetheistic religion
King of Babylon noted for one of the first legal systems; formed law that laid down the procedure for law courts, regulated property and duties of family members
the process of hereditary reorganization of wild animals and plants, initial stage of human mastery of wild animals and plants.
development of agricultural soceities; began economic, political, and social organization
Where did algriculture began?
bands of people who don't live continually in the same place, but periodically move for resources
emerged in northern Africa along the Nile in 3000 B.C.E
most influential people in Tigris-Euphrates region and developed first known human writing
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What is the first known written language?
ancient level of human development chracterized by use of rudimentary chipped stone tools
the most recent archaic humans, replaced by early modern humans
species of all modern human beings
Where did homo erectus and homo sapiens originate?
period that began with the end of the last Ice Age
period began with the discovery of metal tools
Name a major river valley civilization.
Name the river valley civilization: hierglyphics, papyrus,geometry, astronomy, calender, 24 hr days, pyramids.
Name the river valley civilization: located in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, running water in cities, invasion by Indo Europeans destroyed their culture
Name the river valley civilization: polytheism, ancestor worship, oracle bones, irrigation, horses, pottery, bronze, iron, & coal, algriculture.
The frequent flooding of the Hwang He(Yellow River) has earned the river what name?
The yellow silt that gives the Hwang He its color is called what?
the herding of animals

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