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Can you name the 2009 Celebrity for each gossip clue?

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Celeb gossipCelebrity Name
He made a real Jack*** of himself by interrupting Taylor Swift
An olympic swimmer with the munchies
After 25 years this talk show hostess announces her shows retirement
Doing time for dog fights this NFL star was released
After a month of dating a lakers player this celeb sister said 'I Do'
Girls next door star gives birth to a baby boy
Cowboys player Tony Romo 'jinxed' by former girlfriend
Mariah Carey song comes out triggering this rappers anger
Celeb gossipCelebrity Name
Controversially he won the nobel peace prize
His role as Edward made this young man one of people magazines most beautiful
This pop icon's death was most talked about
He's a talented singer who's career took a turn for the worse after beating his former girlfriend
A new pop icon emerged with accusations of a sex change
This actresses death was over shadowed by the death of the mentioned pop icon
Car crash exposed this athlete's adultery

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