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Can you name the bands based on how they came up with their band name?

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how they got their nameband
Police code for indecent exposure in California. One of the members was arrested for it
a synonym for deft storytellers
named after the assassinated man whose death started World War I
a collection of poems by Philip Horky
the name from a name from a fashion magazine meaning 'hurry up fashion'
the first book of the bible
a nickname the lead singer had in high school because of his breathing problems
an old proverb that means good things dont get old
how they got their nameband
a mythological river found in Greek Mythology and Dante's Inferno
a process one goes through when dreaming
A 1960's horror film starring Boris Karloff. it also means 'holy witchcraft'
Drummer Keith Moon once said to them 'you guys will fall like a _______'
A male demon that was believed to have intercourse with sleeping women
a lyric from New Found Glory's song 'head on collision'
a term World War II pilots used when describing 'flying fireballs' they saw from time to time

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