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QUIZ: Can you name the 80's Metal Songs?

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LyricMissing WordSong
'Cause you're the green _________ with the two pronged crown
Living after _________, rockin' to the dawn
I've had every ________ broken, there's anger in my heart
I'm almost there, I've got the __________, it's coming strong, from this generation
It's easy to go along with crowd, and find out later your ________ ain't allowed
My tearless ______ takes pictures that can prove
If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by, you're thinking like a _______, it's a case of do or die
In perfect _________ of which so many speak
Hold on to the _______ with all your will and concede, you'll find there's victory on high
When the _______ comes, he will never be heard, he'll blow your mind and not say a word
Temperature is boiling, magnifying might, feeding like a _______, flashing light
Thousands of cars and a _______ guitars, screaming with power in the air
Yes we both know what ________ can bring
You spineless things who ______ down to slither, to the end of the world you follow to be near
One person ________ to rule and control, the media sells it, and you live the role
A stairway to darkness in the blink of an eye, a _______ of tears to learn she'll never be coming back
Then when he's found who he's looking for, listen in ____ and you'll hear him
I'll take this ____, rattle your cage
This ____ fading away, this ____ ticking like a time bomb, ready to blow your tortured mind
Nobody wants him, he just ______ at the world
LyricMissing WordSong
When will all this anger, hate and _______, be gone?
Rung by rung on the _______, don't slow down only faster
Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to ________
________ hide themselves away, they only started the war
Something's wrong, shut the light, ______ thoughts tonight
I'm inside, open your eyes, I'm ______
Burn your ______, and build them back with wealth
With time the child draws in, this ________ boy done wrong
Rover, wanderer, nomad, ________, call me what you will
Liberty or death, what we so proudly hail, once you _______ her, rattling her tail
Time and space, never ending, _______ thoughts, questions pending
Bright is the moon high in starlight, chill in the air as cold as _____ tonight
They say the empty can rattles the most, the sound of your own voice must _____ you
Reaching out for something you've got to feel, while _____ to what you had thought was real
Fed through the tube that sticks in me, just like a _____ novelty
The final ______ call I see, I'm through with this
No one but me can save _______, but it's too late
No locked doors, no windows ______, no things to make my brain seem scarred
Never seen before, breathing ______

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