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Can you answer the trivia questions about BBC's Sherlock? (Seasons 1&2)

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What number flat in Baker Street do Sherlock and John move into?
Who is the landlady of this flat?
What was John's role in the army?
What was missing from the woman's suitcase in 'A study in pink'?
What relation was Rachel to the woman in pink?
What is the name of the forensic scientist that Sherlock hates?
What is the name of Sherlock's old university roommate who works at the bank?
What is the name of the bank?
What book were the smugglers using to send secret messages?
What name does the graffiti artist give to his picture of the policeman/pig?
What is the name of the assassin who kills the gallery security guard?
'I am _ _ _ _ locked'
What was the hiker killed by in 'A Scandal in Belgravia'?
What is Bluebell?
What is the name of the secret army base in dartmoor?
What does Moriarty write on the glass before smashing it to wear the Crown Jewels?
What does Moriarty write on the apple?
Moriarty pretends to be a children's entertainer under what name?
Who does Sherlock go to, to help him fake his own death?
What building does Sherlock jump off?

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