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Forced Order
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Government of Ireland Act
Devon Commission
Sinn Fein landslide victory
Anti-Tithe campaign began
People's Budget
O'Connell elected Lord Mayor of Dublin
Kilmainham Treaty
Great Famine began
Litchfield House Compact
IVF formed
Coercion Act
New Departure
Sacramental Test Act (repeal of the Test and Corporations Act)
Irish Councils Bill
Coercion Law (passed as a result of the Tithe wars)
Defeat of 2nd Home Rule Bill
Defeat of the Universities Bill
Ulster Unionists Council formed
Agricultural depression
UVF formed
O'Connell establishes the National Repeal Association
Irish Church temporalities Act
Charitable Bequests Act
Railway scheme
Conscription crisis
Universal male suffrage
De Valera elected leader of Sinn Fein
Disetablishment and Disendowment
Young Ireland rising suppressed
Congested Districts Board
De Valera elected president of the Provisional Irish government
Encumbered estates Act
Gladstone's 2nd Land Act
Butt founded Home Rule League
Defeat of 1st Home Rule Bill
Bloody Sunday (inc. Croke Park Massaccre)
Tithe War
Bonar Law's Blenheim Palace speech
Balfour becomes PM
Phoenix Park murders
1st Fenian uprising
Anglo-Irish war begins
Griffith founded Sinn Fein
Tithe Act
Intermediate Education Act
Crime Act
Curragh Mutiny
Wolf Tone rebellion
Further Land purchase Act
Parnell leader of Home Rule party
Ashbourne's Land Act
3rd Home Rule Bill
Local government Act
Irish Agricultural organisation
Municipal & Corporations Act
Davitt forms Land League
Tories become Conservative Party under Peel
Wyndham's Land Purchase Act
1st Irish Land Act (Gladstone)
Waterford election
Representation of the people Act
Parnell deposed as leader of Home Rule Party
Fenian brotherhood established
Parliament Act
Anglo-Irish Treaty
59 Home Rule MPs elected
Maynooth grant increased
2nd reform Act
Land Purchase Act

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