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Can you name the people, phrases or things where both words start with the letter B?

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The host of Discovery Channel's show 'Cash Cab'.
A female cartoon character originatining in the 1930's.
A theory on how the universe was created; also a CBS sitcom.
A period in time when the birth rate rises significantly.
A place where motorcycle enthusiasts can get a beverage.
When two people are fighting, this is said to be 'between them'.
With Ghali, a former Secretary General of the United Nations.
The nickname for the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster in London, England.
Another name for the spine.
The use of the mouth to create percussive sounds. Often used in a cappella groups.
The Geek Squad is owned by this giant consumer elctronics store.
Runner up of season 4 of American Idol.
The name of the lead character in a 2008 film about a man who aged backwards.
With 'That's', the slogan of an iced tea drink produced by Lipton.
An idiot, of the avian kind.
A large group of musicians that typically plays swing and jazz.
A collectible set of stuffed animals, popular in the 1990's.
The big yellow muppet on Sesame Street.
A bouncing object that can be seen at lakes, the ocean, graduations and sporting events.
A punk/hip hop group that formed in the early 1980's.
Someone who can't mind their own business.
With 'Hunter', an arcade game where you shoot Bambi and his friends.
Brian Wilson was the frontman of this popular group that originated in the 1960's.
Alice was the maid on this popular TV show from the early 1970's.
Bryan Cranston plays Walter White on this AMC TV show that premired in 2008.
CluesDouble B Answers
The iconic carrot-eating archenemy of Elmer Fudd.
A small island in French Polynesia close to Tahiti.
A clone of Breakout, this game is loaded onto nearly all BlackBerry smartphones.
Someone who pumps a lot of iron, or a juice head according to Snooki.
A quainter alternitive to staying in a hotel.
A very religious area that stretches across a large portion of the southern United States.
A recording device found on airplanes that is made to withstand a crash.
A French term for candies and chocolates.
The coach of the New England Patriots.
An item that is worn to note a skilled martial artist.
A dessert similar to a cobbler that consists mainly of fruit.
The previous host of The Price is Right gameshow.
A food that comes in a loaf and is made of over-ripened yellow fruit.
With 'Kelley', the largest resource in checking the values of vehicles.
The main character of the Lord of the Rings series.
The name of the piece of equipment you used back in Chemistry class to heat beakers with.
A small buzzing insect, or a canned tuna brand.
A 1986 arcade game where two dragons blow suds around enemies to defeat them.
A brand of vegetarian food item that come in patty form.
A delicious drink from the Harry Potter series, similar to a float.
An itchy bump that forms when a mosquito or other insect snacks on you.
A term that is used to describe abuse of the government's power, originating from the book 1984. Also a reality TV show.
With 'Pow', a Black Eyed Peas hit song from 2009.
A kid that picks up the hitting implement from a baseball player after he has struck the baseball.
An organization that aims to create a better marketplace by dealing with problems consumers have with a store. (Hint: This one is a triple B!).

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