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HintPersonBest known as
Had his Irish step dancing legs insured for $40,000,000Entertainer
When I sing in the rain at night, the cops get called. When he did it, he made #1 on AFI's 100 Years of MusicalsEntertainer
According to Carrie Fisher, is the only actor whose career wasn't 'ruined' by Star WarsEntertainer
Conservative radio host with his own TV show on Fox News, he dropped his partner Colmes in 2009Entertainer
His key to success? 'Pick an eclectic Irish name and fuss your hair.'Entertainer
MSNBC talk show host is often impersonated by SNL's Darrell HammondEntertainer
'The Master of Suspense'Entertainer
He was replaced by the non-Irish Meredith Viera on the ABC quiz show he made popular. Final answer?Entertainer
Holds the record for 'Shortest WWE Championship Reign' losing to Batista minutes after regaining the titleAthlete/Entertainer
He's Irish? You can NOT be serious!Athlete
Float like a féileacán, sting like a bumbógAthlete
The first NFL player to be named Male Athlete of the Year since Joe MontanaAthlete
Famous for the Lufthansa heist. Was portrayed by Robert DeNiro in GoodfellasMobster
Wanted fugitive and alleged head of Winter Hill Gang in BostonMobster
Southern Gothic writer who wrote the novel Wise BloodAuthor
HintPersonBest known as
Born in Brooklyn, died in Manhattan, his Pulitzer Prize winning memoir was about his impoverished childhood in LimerickAuthor
'The Queen of Suspense'Author
Coined the term 'Jazz Age' and created characters like Nick Carraway and Daisy BuchananAuthor
Pulitzer Prize winner who also wrote the book which would be adapted into the 2008 Best Picture winner at the OscarsAuthor
Author of many espionage and military novels revoloving around the Cold WarAuthor
Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning playwright, disowned his daughter Oona for marrying Charlie ChaplinAuthor
Chairman and CEO of GE from 1981 to 2001Businessman
Started as a watch repairman in his teens before moving on to the Model-TBusinessman
One of America's greatest artists, her works often resemble certain female body partsArtists
Only man to serve both as President and Chief JusticePresident
Received the most popular votes but lost the 1824 election. Blarney!President
First and only Catholic PresidentPresident
Served the country during both the Easter Uprising and Bloody SundayPresident
It was he who chopped down that crann silíníPresident

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