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Can you name the TV Families (last name or show name) by Rhyming Clue?

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This long running show has a family of 5, as long as the Clown's sideshow keeps one alive.
Black and white, creepy and weird, the strange butler looked like a villian that's feared.
Young and dumb and shipped to L.A., a butler and mansion, still has his D.J.
Two portly parents barely make ends, her and her sister hate time that mom spends.
One wise faceless neighbor, one confident doof, 3 sons and his own show that could be a spoof.
Big break on SNL but voices this squirrelly dad, with a shape for a name wishing limbs were had.
Fluzy mother's a realtor sells homes at the beach, had 2 boys raising 1 that she chose not to reach.
Four crazy boys and one Heizenberg parent, and a mother so spastic that nobody dare vent.
Age 15 had daughter her mansion she ditches, rich grandmom visits when she leaves her riches.
When mom died the uncles came to help raise the girls, the twins came later, puts dad off the prowl.
Daughter hid the babysitter's death, mom married into motorcycle gang.... i don't think the sons up to much anymore, dad has a hot latina to bang.
Dad opened business with kids helping out, what are the pink bunny ears all about?
Pretentious 2 apples fell far from the tree, chair has ex-cop dad and pooch with beer and T.V.
Maids there so much you wonder what mom even does, close-knit step-siblings talk Davy Jones buzz.
These ladies may be elders, look ready for knitting, but with mom's smart mouth comments who are we kidding?
Rich family with dad, missing mom feel a void, filled by New Yorker with accent, kids overjoyed.
His folks live in Florida and he's closest with friends, eccentric one, chubby jerk, and the girls up on trends.
Redneck misfire into old swamp, leads several misfits into cash spending romp.
One wheel is not enough and three is too many, these 3 guys sure build and argue worth a plenty.
A stripe socked nanny watched animal filled home, green, blue, pink, and now famous still acting while grown.
Pennsylvania fam, principal lives next door, 2 young men, a hot girl, you needn't no more.
Overseas badass ruled darkness so long exposed family for swearing
The big personality kid that's skinny and funky, he thinks you're dynamite and his mama's spunky.
Camouflage hunting blowing into invention led these rednecks to beard/bank account extentions.
Family bringing comedy that stands the tests of time, an overweight carniverous baby wants mama, he chimes.

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