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The school newspaper
What burger joint do the kids frequent?
What pizza joint do the kids frequent?
Elizabeth's long-term boyfriend
Elizabeth's other long-term boyfriend
Elizabeth's best friend
Jessica's best frenemy
The name of the local hospital
Who writes the gossip collumn for the school paper?
The name of the gossip collumn
Why is Tricia Martin embarassed of her father?
Who is Tricia Martin dating when she dies?
What sport does Bruce consider to be his best sport?
What issue initially kept Robin Wilson off of the cheerleading squad?
The local make-out spot
The popular band made up of students
The local bar
The popular fashion store in the mall
Ned Wakefield's job
Alice Wakefield's job
Sweet Valley High's rival high school
Name of the Wakefield's dog
This student over-dosed on cocaine
Who kidnapped Elizabeth from the hospital she volunteered at?
Male teacher the kids relate to
Female teacher who dated that popular male teacher
Name the evil twin who tried to kill Elizabeth
The theme of the prom on the night Elizabeth drove drunk

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