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QUIZ: Can you name the Famous Nebraskans?

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Entertainment (Host of 'The Tonight Show')
Actor (Star of 'On the Waterfront' and 'A Streetcar Named Desire')
Business (CEO Berkshire Hathaway)
Actor (Star of 'The Grapes of Wrath' and '12 Angry Men')
Politics (President of the United States)
Sports (greatest inside pitcher ever, played for the St. Louis Cardinals)
Civil Rights Activist (assassinated in 1965)
Actor (Star of '48 Hours' and 'Prince of Tides')
Westward Expansion (prominent Native American in the Plains Wars of 1865)
Literature ('My Antonia' / 'O Pioneers')
Literature ('Old Jules' / 'The Buffalo Hunters')
Westward Expansion (Chief of Ponca Indian Tribe who was forced to move to reservation lands in 1877)
Agriculture (first settler to register under the Homestead Act of 1863)
Education/Sports/Politics (former head coach of University of Nebraska football team and former Congressman)
Engineering (inventor of landing crafts used during D-Day invasion)
Education (founder of Cliff's Notes)
Business (CEO of Coca-Cola Corporation)
Philanthropy (founder of Arbor Day)
Business (founder of Morton Salt Company)
Education ('Father of the Yellow School Bus')
Engineering (inventor of stroboscopic light)
Engineering (solved the battery recharging problem that led to Apollo 13's safe return to earth)
Engineering (Chief engineer of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge)
Food (inventor of the 'Eskimo Pie')
Journalism (creator of TV program 'Reading Rainbow')
Entertianment (Wild west showman of worldwide fame)
Religion (founder of Boys' Town)
Sports (Chicago Bears running back who once had 22 touchdowns in 1 season)
Philanthropy (pioneer and advocate within the areas of childrens' and immigrants rights)
Sports (Heisman trophy winner for the Nebraska Cornhuskers)
Sports (Heisman trophy winner for the Nebraska Cornhuskers)
Sports (Heisman trophy winner for the Nebraska Cornhuskers)
Sports (Baseball Hall of Famer from the Phillies)
Entertainment (dancer)

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