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Can you name the Country or Territory with the longest name for each letter of the alphabet?

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LetterLocationHint (# of words in answer)
AIsland country near Puerto Rico (3)
BEastern European country (3)
CAfrican Country (3)
DProper Name for an Asian Country (5)
EAfrican Country (2)
FOverseas Territories of France, Administered from Paris (5)
GAfrican Country (1 or 2 words)
H2 options - 1 Central American Country (1), or 1 Special Administrative Region in Asia
IFull name of Middle Eastern shortest-name I Country (4)
JCaribbean Country (1)
K2 options, both Asian Countries (1 each)
LFull name of Asian shortest-name L (4)
MOceania Country (2)
LetterLocationHint (# of words in answer)
NCommonwealth of the USA (3)
OMiddle Eastern shortest-name O (1)
P2 options, 1 Oceania Country (3), 1 South Pacific Locale (2)
QMiddle Eastern shortest-name Q (1)
RFull name of Eurasian country (2)
STerritory of Norway (5)
TNon-self-governing territory administered by the UK (4)
UFull name of European Country (7)
VSouth American Country (1)
WOverseas territory of France (3)
YActually a group of Eastern European countries, but no longer a country itself (1)
ZAfrican country (1)

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