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First band that included Jerry, Pigpen, and Bobby
First Band to include Jerry, Pigpen, Bobby, Phil, and Bill
City in the San Francisco bay area where the grateful dead started out
Former manager who stole about $150,000 from the band and disappeared
Guest piano player who played with the band from 1990-92 after Brent Mydland died
Side on of this album starts with Box of Rain, side 2 starts with Ripple
The first song of their first album
Song written about the Altamount Speedway tradgedy
Band originally wanted to name this album Skullf*** but was convinced to change it
Jerry's most famous guitar, the one he played from 79-90 had what inlayed into it?
Side project of Jerry's with David Grisman, Peter Rowan, John Kahn, and Vassar Clements
Bob Weirs side project from 80-84
Archivist who was, starting in 93 was in charge of releasing taped shows
famous to the beatnik and countercultures of the 50's and 60's, this person was immortalized in the other one, and cassidy
what is the date of jerrys death?

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