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What is the name of the website ran by Harry and Ed in episode 1.17?
In 1.6, what is the name of Sam's friend who is framed for murder by the shapeshifter?
What year was the painting in episode 1.19 painted?
What important item shows up in episode 1.20?
What is Cassie's dads name in episode 1.13?
What is the youngest Bender child's name in episode 1.15?
What is the name of Bobby's business in episode 1.22?
In 1.2, what creature do they fight and kill?
In episode 1.18, in Dean's first flashback, Sam is watching a cartoon, what cartoon is it?
In 1.10, in what room number does Sam find the Dr.'s journals?
What type of demon is in episode 1.16?
What is name of the girl with the brain tumor in episode 1.12?
In 1.1, what was the name of the Woman In White?
What is the name of the motel John stays at in episode 1.21?
What state does episode 1.8 'Bugs' take place in?
What is the name of the psychic in 1.9?
In 1.3, what is the name of the lake?
In episode 1.14, Dean and Sam dress as priests and use the names of 2 members of what popular rock band?
Episode 1.4, how many minutes into the flight does the plane crash?
Episode 1.11, is the first episode that we meet what recurring character?
Episode 1.5, Jill killed a little boy in a hit-n-run accident, what was the name of this boy?
What is name of the college in 1.7?

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