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Where was our first date?
Where did you think I had 'a bet'?
What is your favorite thing to do when you sleep?
What was the first movie we saw together?
What animal do I most resemble?
What is my confirmation name?
What song did we slow dance to in my dorm room?
What song played that time when we lied in bed?
Tough one...what was the first movie we watched in my room?
What is my favorite movie?
what color hat was I wearing on the night we first 'kissed'?
where did we go to valentine's dinner in 2009?
What was our tequila race theme?
What club did I get kicked out of when you came?
When was the first time I brought you 'on ice'?
When was the first time I brought you 'on water'?
Who did the guy singing on the cruise look like?
What did I bring you when you were sick last summer?
What was the best halloween costume ever?
I meannn..who was the worst roommate ever?
And who wanted us to quiet down so she could sleep?
What did the watch that broke for Christmas say on it?
How many minor league baseball games have we been to?
Where did we first bask in the sand together?
Where did you like 'my smirk'?
How many times have we decorated my room for each other?
What secret thing did we make up that we cant remember?
What did your dad used to think my name was?
Who else did I live with last spring (besides brandon)?
What show did we watch during dorm 'double dates' freshmen year?
Where was the first place you saw me?
Where did you maybe sell me an apple?
Where did you see me first at Penn state?
Where was the first place we talked?
where was the first place we hung out?
where did you first invite me to meet?
What was our favorite thing to talk about when we first met?
What is the best thing to order at gios?
What is the best type of rose?
Where did I bring you the first time we hung out at home?
The weather was

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