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Can you name the English meaning of the given Latin or Greek word with the help of the English cognate/derivative?

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WordEnglish meaningEnglish Cognate/Derivation
physis (Greek, noun)physics
urbs (Latin, noun) urban
theos (Greek, noun)theology
pisces (Latin, noun)pisciculture
pos, podos (Greek, noun)octopod, biped
patria (Latin, noun)patriot
epistomai (Greek, verb)epistemology
bellum (Latin, noun)belligerent
topos (Greek, noun)topography
civis (Latin, noun) civilian, civil
grapho (Greek, verb)graph
bos, boves (Latin, noun)bovine
kinesis (Greek, noun)kinetic energy
aves (Latin, noun) aviary
aner, andros (Greek, noun)androgynous
WordEnglish meaningEnglish Cognate/Derivation
fugio, fugire (Latin, verb)fugitive
polis (Greek, noun)politics
fortis (Latin, adjective) fortitude
gignomai (Greek, verb)genesis, generate
volvo, volvere (Latin, verb)revolution, involve
naus (Greek, noun)nautical
domus (Latin, noun)domestic
onomos (Greek, noun)nomenclature
fallo, fallere (Latin, verb)fallacious
adelphos (Greek, noun)Philadelphia
turris (Latin, noun)turret
genos (Greek, noun)genetics
arbor (Latin, noun)arboretum, arboreal
kuon, kunes (Greek, noun)canine
umbra (Latin, noun)umbrella, penumbra

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