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Can you name the person, place or event that completes each clue about Roman history?

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Eponymous founder of the city
Her rape and suicide led to the expulsion of the Tarquins
The Romans lost three legions in this military disaster
Julius Caesar's famous son-in-law
First demand for political equality
Author of Rome's national epic
The 'Stoic' emperor
Founder of the Principate
Rome's archnemesis during the Second Punic War
Caesar's henchman and Cleopatra's lover
Series of conflicts against Carthage
He earned his name from his military exploits in northern Europe
Author of the history of Rome from the foundation of the city
Hannibal's defeater
Caesar's assassin
Augustus' successor
First empress of Rome
Greek historian of Rome
Proconsul of Gaul turned dictator
Converted Rome to Christianity
Augustus' right-hand general
Late republican orator and statesman
Naval battle that ended the civil wars
Brutus and Cassius met their end here
Caesar said 'alia iacta est' ('the die is cast') after crossing this
Defeater of Pyrrhus
His name is a byword for 'empty victory'
The model dictator; George Washington's admirers called him this
Caesar routs Pompey
He saved Rome from the Gauls
First written laws
Mythical founder of Rome
Members of the First Triumvirate
Area of Italy in which Rome is located
He fiddled while Rome burned
Marc Anthony, Octavian, and Lepidus
Stuttering emperor and protagonist of Robert Graves novels
Hannibal routes the Romans on this body of water
Rome fights with its own allies
Series of expansive wars fought in the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE
Brothers, tribunes, agitators for reform
Cicero drove him out of the Senate with one of his most famous speeches
Historian of Rome's first emperors
Lucius Sulla's reign of terror
He was consul seven times
Biographer of the Caesars
'Little Boot'
Augustus banished him to the Black Sea for licentious behavior
He committed suicide at Utica to escape Caesar's pardon
He said: 'Carthago delenda est!' ('Carthage must be destroyed!')

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