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What's Leslie's favorite food?Easy
Who is the host of 'Pawnee Today?'Easy
Who is Ron's saxophone-playing alter ego?Easy
Who does April hate above all others?Easy
What's the name of Pawnee's rival town?Easy
What's the job of Ron's ex-wife Tammy Two?Easy
What is the name of the horse that everyone in Pawnee loves?Easy
What is the name of April and Andy's dog?Easy
Who lived in the pit for a good amount of time?Easy
Who is Andy's FBI-agent alter ego?Easy
In what state is Pawnee located?Easy
What is Jerry's real name?Easy
Leslie accidentally marries two male what at the zoo?Easy
Who wins the cook-off between Ron and Chris?Easy
What is the name that both of Ron's ex-wives share?Easy
When is Galentine's Day?Easy
Which vice president does Leslie have a crush on?Easy
What was the name of the club started by Tom and Jean-Ralphio?Easy
What number is Pawnee in obesity?Easy
Who is Leslie's opponent for City Council?Easy
What is the lot number that the pit is located on?Easy
How many kids do Leslie and Ben have?Easy
What does Ron hate more than lying?Easy
How many meetings does Ron have in one day?Easy
What word does Chris Traeger always say?Easy
Which TV veteran plays Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa's dad?Medium
What is Councilman Jeremy Jamm's job?Medium
With whom does Leslie get matched when she joins an online dating service?Medium
What's the game that Ben creates while he's unemployed?Medium
What is the name of the Winter Sports Complex that Ben tried to build when he was mayor that caused the town to go into bankruptcy?Medium
What's the name of the tech company that has moved into Pawnee in the final season?Medium
What job does Ron take in the final season?Medium
What was the first company Tom helped to create?Medium
Where do Ann and Chris end up moving to?Medium
How did April become involved in the parks department?Medium
Who is Donna's famous cousin?Medium
WHat is the name of Jerry's daughter that Chris dates?Medium
By which name does Tammy II constantly refer to Tom?Medium
How old does Chris Traeger believe he will live to be?Medium
What is the name of Chris' therapist?Medium
Who's seat did Leslie fill on the city council?Medium
What is the name of the police officer that Leslie dates?Medium
What state was Tom born in?Medium
What is Ben deathly afraid of?Medium
What is the name of Tom's gameshow?Medium
Name one of Ron's stepchildren.Medium
Who is Andy's most frequent shoe shine customer?Medium
How many ounces are in a Sweetums child sized fountain drink?Medium
Who finds turtles to be condescending?Medium
What character is Ben on Halloween?Medium
Why was Leslie born in Eagleton and not Pawnee?Hard
What is Ron's favorite restaurant?Hard
What is the name of the burger chain that offers 512oz. beverages?Hard
What is the last name of the planner who vanished without a trace after season 2?Hard
Name a former title of Andy's band Mouse Rat.Hard
How old was Ben when the infamous Ice Town happened?Hard
What does Donna love most in the world?Hard
When is Jerry's birthday?Hard
What is the name of the kid who likes to prank Leslie?Hard
What is the name of the gay bar behind Ron's house?Hard
Where did Donna Meagle work for a short time after Chris and Ben shut the parks department down?Hard
Who is the poor local owner of Sue’s Salads that always suffers the brunt of Leslie’s salad-hating wrath?Hard
What college did adult film star Brandi Maxxx graduate from?Hard
What is Ann Perkins’ eBay name?Hard
What is Tom's middle name?Hard
What was the name of Lil Sebastian’s longtime girlfriend who broke his poor little horsey heart?Hard
What is the name that Ron gives to Joan's show when he takes it over in one episode?Hard
In what country is Pawnee's sister city located?Hard
What is the name of the town that Ben was mayor of?Hard
Which newspaper hacks Leslie's emails?Hard
Whose jersey did Andy wear during his wedding?Hard
What band did Leslie and Andy reunite for the Unity Concert?Hard
When is Treat Yo' Self day?Hard
How much body fat does Chris have?Hard
Who is Eagleton's deputy parks director?Hard

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