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Can you name the All American Rejects songs from the opening lyrics?

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If you feel like running today you know I'd understand.
Here's another pitty and there's another chance.
Spin 'round tell me what to say.
Shes screams when I'm away, she's been gone before
Don't solve the problem when danger is better.
She's gone away but still they stay together.
Hey You. So you never really found your way?
Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking.
Him and her. Life is turned.
One boy, one girl. Two hearts thir world. Time goes by secrets rise.
Let me know that I've done wrong when I've know this all along.
This may be the last song that I write for long
Bring back the memories. This one's giving up on you.
I wake up every evenung with a big smile on my face,
Can somebody save me 'cause I'm thing maybe you can take me piece by piece yeah.
I never thought that I was so blind.

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