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A: This FCS powerhouse football program is known for its epic 34-32 upset of Michigan in 2007
B: This school is the home of the blue turf
C: This Division II university upset no. 1 ranked Virginia in what would go down as one of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball history
D: Stephen Curry led this basketball cinderella school to the elite eight in 2008
E: Mike Smith, head coach of the Atlanta Falcons attended this university
F: In 2007, the football team from this university got in a big on-field fight with Miami
G: This school had a cinderella run to the final four in 2006
H: This school played all their regular season school week basketball games in 2009 during the weekends (to leave time in the week for study) and wound up with a fairly successful
I: Notable alumni of this university include the famous former NBA star Larry Bird
J: As a Division II school this school was the only school to win national championships in baseball, basketball, and football; now they are a member of the Ohio Valley Conference
K: The Wildcats of Manhattan
L: This university is tied for the third-most Women's Basketball titles with USC and Stanford
M: This team upset Vanderbilt in the first round of the 2010 NCAA tournament on a buzzer beater
N: The only school in one of the big 6 basketball conferences to never have had an NCAA tournament apperance
O: The school attended by Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander
P: This coastal school has the second-most men's volleyball national titles
Q: The bobcats of Connecticut
R: This university won the 2003 College World Series
S: Tiger Woods played golf for this university
T: The song Rocky Top is played at least 15 times at every home football game at this school
U: This school is often referred to as the U (technically doesn't start with a U)
V: This school has had recent success in basketball with star player Scottie Reynolds as well as recent success in FCS football
W: Tim Toone, 2010 NFL draft's 'Mr. Irrelevant' (the last pick), attended this western school
X: The only school that starts with an X
Y: The penguins of Ohio

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