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'The British Army is waiting out there and it weighs fifteen hundred tons'The Clash
'Yankee dollar talk to the dictators of the world'The Clash
'They said we'd be artistically free when we signed that bit of paper' The Clash
'In the in-tray, lots of work, but the boss at the firm always thinks he shirks'The Clash
'I have the will to survive, I cheat if I can't win'The Clash
'You could've been a physicist, but now you're name is on the mailbag list'Give 'Em Enough Rope
'I'm gonna get a jacket just like yours and give my false support to your cause'Give 'Em Enough Rope
'Go on a nicking spree, hit the wrong guy, each of you get three years in Brixton'Give 'Em Enough Rope
'But it's better than some factory, now that's no place to waste your youth!'Give 'Em Enough Rope
'I'd stay and be a tourist but I can't take the gunplay!'Give 'Em Enough Rope
'Let fury have the hour, anger can be power, d'you know that you can use it?'London Calling
'Oh please leave the ventana open, Federico Lorca is dead and gone'London Calling
'I know that my life make you nervous, but I tell you I can't live in service'London Calling
'From the Hundred Year War to the Crimea, with a lance and a musket and a Roman spear'London Calling
'If you've been trying for years, we already heard your song'London Calling
'Working for a rise, better my station, take my baby to sophistication'Sandinista!
'I've been very hungry, but not enough to kill'Sandinista!
'Reign of the superpowers must be over, so many armies can't free the earth'Sandinista!
'Who gives you work and why should you do it?'Sandinista!
'I'll take my broken heart, take it home in parts, but I will never fade'Sandinista!
'You have the right to free speech, as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it!'Combat Rock
'Let me tell you about your blood, bamboo kid, it ain't Coca Cola, it's rice'Combat Rock
'Forced to watch at the feast, then sweep up the night'Combat Rock
'The king called up his jet fighters, he said, 'You better earn your pay!'Combat Rock
'This indecision's bugging me, if you don't want me set me free'Combat Rock
'Hey British boots, go kick Bengali in the head, police sit watching'Cut the Crap
'So we came to jazz it up, we never loved a shovel'Black Market Clash
'Knives in West 11, ain't so lucky to be rich, STEN gun in Knightsbridge'Super Black Market Clash
'I can see it all now: the drummer's in the box office and he's counting all the money!'Super Black Market Clash
'Please save us, not the whales'(None)

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