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Forced Order
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Composer, YearPiece
Gesualdo, 1611
Bernart de Ventadorn, 1100
Guillaume DuFay 1460
DuTertre, 1557
Philippe de Vitry, 1320
Guillaume DuFay, 1430
Perotin, 1200
Baude Cordier, 1400
Marenzio, 1599
Josquin DePres, 1503
William Byrd, 1600
Lassus, 1564
Josquin DePres, 1500
Composer, YearPiece
Guillaume de Machaut, 1360
Antoine Busnoys, 1465
William Byrd, undated
Lassus, 1585
Guillaume de Machaut, 1350
Guillaume DuFay, 1436
Palestrina, 1567
Bassano, 1584
Solage, 1385
Guillaume de Machaut, 1340
Johannes Ockeghem, 1470
Claudin de Sermisy, 1530

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