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HintMusicianExtra Information
English Actress stalked by French Composer; The inspiration for Symphonie Fantastique
1810-1856; German composer who introduced a more polyphonic approach to chamber music; Clearly inspired by classic composers like Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach
1824-1884; Wrote 8 operas including The bartered Bride and Ma Vlast; Czech conductor/composer who helped establish Czech national style in opera by choosing Czech subjects, ets, an
1833-1897; Great composer of Chamber music after Schumann; Drew on forms of older music (influenced by Bach; Blended carefully crafted and lyrical styles)
1788-1860; 'The World as Will and Representation said Love always results in death, love is fulfilled in death and they are intricately intertwined
1843-1907; Norwegian composer who developed Nationalistic style in shorter songs and piano pieces
1805-1847; Great composer of chamber music, especially songs, only published one piece (piano Trip, Op. 11) during 19th century
1860-1903; Best known for adapting Wagner's methods to the German Lied
1801-1835; After Rossini, became a prominent composer of serious operas (all serious)
1824-1896; Another Wagnerian who attempted to absorb Wagner's techniques into the traditional symphony ; Wrote 9 symphonies
1813-1901; Dominated Italian opera and culture after Donizetti; Composed 26 operas (Nabucco, La Traviata, Fallstaff); Favored drama over florid bel-canto style; Also had different
1811-1868; Editor of Neue Zeitschrift Fur Musik (Schumann's baby) from 1845-1868; Coined the phrase 'Neo-German school' to describe himself and other critics as they were gaining s
This genre of opera was long (5 acts), large scale, involved epic/modern historical plots, focused on spectacle and display
1792-1868; Considered the most famous and important composer in his day; Known today for his comic operas (The Barber of Seville, 1816) but thought of himself as a serious opera co
This genre of opera is not actually humorous, continues to use spoken dialogue rather than sung recitative
1809-1847; German composer whose music used classic genre and forms as vessels for Romantic material
1797-1848; A prolific Italian composer; His Lucia di Lammermoor was among the first operas to reach the status of permanent classics
1858-1924; Mada Butterfly, Turandot, La Boheme; The big opera man after Verdi; Took on his interest in vocal music
HintMusicianExtra Information
1811-1886; After he retired from virtuosic piano playing, he took Wagner's side on the big debate; Composes symphonic poems
1831-1907; Virtuosic violin player; I am sick of him
Composer who had a chamber music year from 1842-43
1860-1911; Another Wagnerian composer who was considered the last great German symphonist
1841-1904; Successor to Smetana; Wrote 12 operas and inst. music that related to Slavic culture; The whole New World Symphony; Came to America and tried to help develop American na
1838-1875; Composed Carmen, 'Gave a real soul to a fake representation of Spain'; An example of inauthentic but exotic portrayal
1825-1904; Viennese music critic; 'On the Beautiful in Music' (1854); Believed the program was extraneous; 'Music is a sounding form' and doesn't require dances or words to justify
1845-1924; French composer whose harmonic innovations influenced the way it was taught forever
Cherubini, Mehul, Lesueur, Auber: These men were main composers of what type of opera?
1864-1949; A conductor and composer of tone poems; Inspired by literary sources; Believed programmatic music could be evocative, narrative, and representational
1813-1883; Saw himself as the heir to Beethoven; Tried to establish German opera in singspiel tradition; Successful operas included Rienzi and The Flying Dutchman
1797-1828; Austrian Composer; Wrote 9 Symphonies including The Unfinished Symphony and the Great Symphony
Two main genres of opera in France in the early 19th century
1803-1869; French Composer; Stalked/married/divorced Harriet Smithson; Wrote Symphonie Fantastique
1791-1864; German composer who specialized in Grand Opera, fantastic at at setting music to dramatize action and move his audience
1791-1861; Worked with Meyerbeer on several grand operas including Les Huguenots and Robert le diable
1822-1890; Belgian composer who is famous mainly for smaller works and for developing cyclic form; Symphony One in D minor

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