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main character
Harry's best female friend
Harry's best male friend
twin brothers of Ron
youngest Weasley
Harry's first kiss was with
Cho went to the Yule Ball with
Harry's mother
Harry's father
Harry's godfather
James Potter's best friend besides Sirius
Remus Lupin marries
Their son's name is
Harry has how many children
Harry's oldest child is
second oldest
Hermione and Ron have how many children
Their oldest child is
youngest child is
who does Bill Weasley marry
who is Harry's school enemy
his father is
his mother is
his aunt is
Draco's friend (starts with a C)
Draco's friend (starts with a G)
Draco's friend (starts with a B)
who is the whimsical blonde from Ravenclaw
how many DADA professors have there been
what class does Professor Mcgonagall teach
what class does Professor Sprout teach
what class does Professor Binns teach
what class does Professor Flitwick teach
what class does DADA stand for
who taught this class year one
year two
year three
year four
year five
year six
year seven
how many siblings does Albus Dumbledore have
how many Weasley children are there
who are part of the golden trio

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