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Male/Female GroupsKPOP groupsFandom Names
Male GroupEXO-L
Female GroupNo fandom; Debut in 2015; Has four members
Female GroupH:LLËR
Male GroupNo fandom; Former members of a boy group in S.M.
Female GroupLatte
Male GroupI AM
Male GroupJuliet
Male GroupMy Day
Male GroupStoria
Female GroupQUEEN'S
Female GroupHIgh
Female GroupNo fandom; Debut in 2015; Has five members
Female GroupEverlasting
Female GroupDear Friend
Female GroupBlackjacks
Male GroupMYgirl
Male GroupHONEY10
Male GroupNo fandom;
Female GroupL.E.G.O
Female GroupNo fandom; Debut in 2017; Two members are part of IOI
Female GroupCheshire
Female GroupAID
Female GroupGirls High
Male GroupZE:A Style
Female GroupNo fandom; Debut in 2014; Their former Kpop group name was Poten
Female GroupLovelinus
Male GroupI GOT7
Female GroupPlaygirlzBoyz
Male GroupBest Friend
Female GroupMiracle
Female GroupDAI5Y
Male GroupAROHA
Male GroupNo fandom; Created in the show Produce 101
Male/Female GroupsKPOP groupsFandom Names
Female GroupSay A
Male GroupIF
Female GroupHello Cupid
Female GroupBlink
Male Group Inspirit
Male GroupV.I.P
Female GroupTwinkles
Male GroupKiss Me
Female GroupKamilia
Male GroupShinhwa Changjo(신화창조)
Female GroupMooMoo
Female GroupReferred to Popjusshi or Popgirl
Female GroupNo fandom; Created in the show Produce 101
Female GroupFearless
Male GroupA+
Female Group Ace of Elvis
Male GroupCarat
Male GroupMelody
Female GroupBESTiny
Female GroupPine Cone
Male GroupToppKlass
Male GroupL.O.Λ.E
Female GroupUjung(Friendship in Korean)
Male GroupRoyal Family
Male GroupCassiopeia
Female GroupLet★s
Female GroupOnce
Female GroupRain-nous
Female GroupRu.b
Male GroupHigh Skool
Male GroupAngel
Male GroupBeginning
Female GroupLavely
Female GroupPink Panda
Male/Female GroupsKPOP groupsFandom Names
Male GroupBABY
Co-Ed GroupHidden KARD
Male GroupB2UTY
Male GroupN.Fia
Female GroupNo fandom; Their former Kpop group name was Minx
Male GroupKey
Male GroupiKONIC
Female GroupNo fandom; Debut with 4 members in May of 2016
Male GroupSHINee World
Female GroupMeU
Male GroupPrimadonna
Male GroupCandY
Male GroupNo fandom; Debuted in 2016 on S.M. Entertainment
Female GroupFineapple
Female GroupFriend
Male GroupBoice
Male GroupTinker Bell
Female GroupSTAR1
Male GroupInner Circle
Female Group 4NIA
Female GroupDarling
Male GroupMabling
Male GroupYellowKies
Female GroupMine
Female GroupWonderful
Female GroupBuddy
Male GroupBBC
Female GroupS♥ne
Male GroupFantasy
Male GroupE.L.F
Male GroupBana
Female GroupReVeluv
Male GroupA.R.M.Y
Male GroupTriple S
Female GroupVollers

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