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Forced Order
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a judge's ruling or statement
chief father of a family or of a society
a reference book in which spoken or written words are defined
nobly born person; descendant of the founding fathers of Rome
speak against
the manner in which something is expressed in words
to speak against;to say the opposite
to say what will happen before it occurs
art or manner of speaking
formal words spoken or written by a jury that charge a person with crime
the decision a jury makes in a trial; the decision said by the jury
a leader who speaks and rules with total power
a father's name adapted and given to his children
what is written down as someone says it
the 'dear old school' from which one graduates
speak command
a woman who rules the family
parent's of one's mother's
public words issued by an official that explain a law or command
the ground from which some thing or idea springs
have someones names entered on the list of students off a school or college
one who acts like a father
condition or estate inherited from one's father
well spoken words has absolute authority
love for the fatherland

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