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Forced Order
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to hit by hand; easily perceived
a fast fingered or sleight of hand performance of magic or of card tricks
two of a kind, one for each arm
to send forth or release from one's hand (grasp)
finger, numerals 0-9, unit of measure the width of a finger (3/4 of an inch)
The 'foxglove' plant from which heart medicine is made
make by hand
ornament for the arm or wrist
to take one's arm
Two shelled creature with two 'arms' inside with which to bring in food
operated by the hands, relating to the hands
a computer which uses numerals (0 and 1) to mean whole numbers and decimal fractions
Spanish word for day laborer (with two strong arms)
to swing by the arms on bars or tree branches
writing, written by hand
sleeve-like pasta

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